During the construction of the Hotel special attention was given to the health of the quests. Therefore the certificated natural building materials and ecologically pure means and the equipment of known brands of world manufacturers have been used.
   1) Water - used water in hotel is cleared, passing the certain filtration and moves farther in ecologically clean fashion
   2) Air and ventilation - Air in hotel is transferred through channels via the central automatically adjustable system of clearing and a filtration (as cooled, and hot), that provides a fine relaxation during sleep and rest.
   3) Air-conditioning - rooms and whole hotel is conditioned by the central automatically adjustable system (cooling and heating). Thus the ecological filtered water is used.
   4) Systems of the signal system and protection cope on-line, that guarantees safety during residing at the hotel.
   5) Systems of telecommunication function continuously and rooms are equipped with the newest systems of the world brands.
   6) All - floors are executed from a natural parquet, walls are pasted over by wall-papers from a fabric, ceilings - plaster, a paper, emulsion
   We are trying so that your rest and residing in our hotel can bring you more health and a relaxation.